Reinventing dance...




Art is the freedom to interpret the world and express who and what we are, it is limitless and knows no bounds. Without Walls challenges how dance performances can be percieved by looking beyond ourselves as simply dancers and choreographers. We actively ecourage this fluidity in perception by aiming to always redefine our concept of dance and how we and the public relate to it. It is our passionate belief that what dance is today is momentary and so by tomorrow it already has the possibility to exist as something new, because as the world evolves and 'needs' vary, so too then the definition of dance. We  work without restriction; using words, voice, the body, music, scenography; exploring any element we consider, at a given moment, to have the most relevance in interpreting what we want to say. They become a means to allow us and our audiences to experience fully the multiple ways of seeing and being through the art of live dance performance.